Expanding the PvE experience

I have been thinking a lot about this comment

While developing the world of Adalia, we built out assets to be as easy as possible to expand upon which is why it looks like you can just continue on out from that spot. However, we don't currently have any new areas in the works.

from this discussionhttps://absolvergame.com/forums/discussion/3600/question-about-loading-zone-at-the-top-of-the-tower-of-adal#latest

There are a fair amount of comments from players that an expanded, enhanced PvE experience would be something that would increase the enjoyment of this game.

The comment form slcp_Vanguard seems to suggest that this might not be a huge technical hurdle.


  • it's intended in the future, however, the game is still new.
    further, the games immediate priority is to fulfill the role it wanted to first fill, which is primarily a pvp fighting game, as such, they're fleshing out pvp first, adding new gamemodes, maps and rewards. New fighting styles and options are also, I believe, in the works.

    The games priority is PVP > PVE, in the grand scheme of things. Expect a pve addon/update to add to the story, lore, world and skillsets to come after PVP has been suitably dealt with.
  • It is a huge shame that PvE has taken a distant back seat to PvP. Again, you cannot argue with the vision of the developers in that they have designed an excellent PvP game and that has always been their focus. It's a shame that a world with so much potential is left at the wayside. I for one would love to see this expanded and built upon - if anything so I can enjoy what drew me to this game in the first place.
  • While PvE is something I thoroughly enjoy in most games, I can understand it taking a backseat for what the real design intentions for this game are: PvP. I second your comment SilverBones, I would love to see the world and story expanded and I'm sure many of us players would agree. But for now, I'll continue to enjoy the world and what we have so far.
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