Teleported to a place I shouldn't be in Tower of Adal

I was in co-op mode with a guy I just met and we were fighting atop the bridge in Tower of Adal and I kicked a Lost Prospect off the bridge. I fell with him and I was teleported to a place I shouldn't have been in.

The middle picture is the place where I was teleported to. It appeared to be in a room that's off the map near the location of the sixth Marked One.


  • Hey there TanglingTreats, thank you for bringing this up and showing me some screenshots, it really helps! I'll be passing this on to the team to look into, though while I can't guarantee a direct response, they'll most certainly be made aware of it.

    Thank you again, and please accept my apologies for the trouble it caused!

    P.S. Great choice of mask, it really suits your character!
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