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  • true that could be used like that, but smurfs already exist with new accounts and schools. This is more to not scare the new player in fighting older ones(see a lot of new players spam sad emotes when they see anyone above silver, they don't seam to…
    in Prestige System Comment by kris May 2018
  • Is there more planed for the "Prestige System Update"? since it's still opened. Edit: An interesting feature could be that you could hide your Prestige level, since a lot of players feel scared to fight emeralds, or the other way around that some pe…
  • Just noticed that the title is not set, as in the other ones. Here's a gif showing what i mean: .Not sure if that helps mutch, but yeah.
  • a single gear slot for school, like a overtop or elbow straps or anything else that can be given the same way as the swords. I feel like that would make you feel more like a part of the school.
  • This game has the same problem what poker use to have, it is interesting to play but not that fun to watch. Poker fixed this by showing players cards. Absolver could do something similar. Here is a really badly made image(I'm really sorry about the …