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  • Anyone know if the marked ones STILL drop their masks eventually? Or do I have to hope for a random pvp rift coin drop now?
  • I've gotten the same problem since the update new update. I sent an email today about it with the files specified. I'm playing on GoG as well. I'd really like to play your game but can't. I have no idea why it's flagging me for an EAC violation.
  • As an update, this happened in 3/5 combat trials matches today, and in 3/3 pvp fights in the guidance bridge tonight. I'm trying to grind my way to Combat Trials lv 50 and this is sorta impeding my progress
  • maybe it's just me but I can't find the masks anywhere in the guidance bridge area. I've checked the meditation room, the three paths to other areas, and even the short blocked off path back to the tutorial area... where should I be looking? I've …
  • really? I leveled all the way up to trials lv 20 and beat their encounter again and it STILL didn't unlock for me. Now it tells me I need to get to level 50 before I can fight their 3rd form. It's the only thing left on my map and I really just wan…
  • This happened to me as well. I received the sword but the map didn't change. I didn't get the achievement for defeating them either. I ranked up to pvp level 20 and then defeated their second version, because I thought that might convinc…