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  • The bug seems to have been hotfixed. I noticed a small patch downloaded to Absolver, went in, and tried to recycle my essence miner cape again. I've restarted the program, logged in and out a few times, and all the changes seem to have stuck. ...Th…
  • To the best of my knowledge, we don't know yet what they plan to do about this, whether or not we'll be reimbursed, or what the problem is- my guess is that they don't yet know, or if they do they're working to fix it. Hopefully everyone will be abl…
  • My only guess is that it's an issue with how the game saves, since other people have said it happens regardless if they're online or off.
  • I did some testing, after reading a few other threads about how people lost absurd amounts of progress. As a reminder, this is after I both checked the integrity of the files and reinstalled the game. I went into my inventory, salvaged my Essence M…
  • I went ahead and reinstalled the game. As I expected, this also had no change.
  • I just had the exact same issue, which I posted about a few minutes before you did. Maybe something's going on with the game's servers?