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  • I don't mean the healing power, I mean the actual health boost you get after winning a round.
  • Ooh that shockwave nerf is a pretty big one, at least for me. Was a very useful move at only 1 shard cost. The good thing I suppose is it'll encourage me to try out the other powers more.
  • null Huh that might actually explain certain speed players.. The only time I truly struggled against a speed spammer was a guy wearing heavy fur armour and moving fast as hell. Figured something was wrong. He even had an attack where the animation…
  • I need this move too, PSN: FatMus2
  • You can get it from Essence Reserves.
  • null Forsaken does get stamina reward for parries. At least I do when I parry something, strong attack or not.
  • I think the best fast attack is Direct Punch. I recommend you use other kind of sequence starters though. Sweeps, jumping kicks, that sort of thing. There are some fast ones so don't just limit yourself to one kind of starter otherwise you'll get bl…
  • Oh man, this game has so many moves that I love and it's one of the reasons I love this game so much. Some moves I love for their function in game and some for how cool they look. There are also some that remind me of my favourite moves I learned. I…
  • Yeah it's really good. Sadly I had to get rid of it though, found a better use for my lower left stance. Plus I've unlocked way more moves since so now My deck is quite a bit different now in terms of the moves that I use.
  • I like the gauntlet idea, that'd be a fun mode. I love the tattoo idea.
  • "A lot of fights it really comes down to health advantage which the winner of a fight usually doesn't have." But if you won the round, you won't have the health advantage but you'll have the round advantage. I think it's fair as it is righ…
  • Recreating will kick everyone out, they would need to all join again. Hope this changes in the future.
  • You can ditch kahlt. Join a school that's Windfall, Stagger or Forsaken (like mine ) then you can temporarily use the style with your own deck while you're a part of the school. Using the style's special ability enough times will allow you to unlo…
  • null I personally find Windfall dodging a lot harder than Forsaken parrying. I've only played about a little bit with both but parrying came very naturally while Windfall was just painful to try and unlock it lol. I think it helps that parrying is…
  • After playing around with all the styles and my combat deck, I've created a new school, still based on a balanced deck but with the Forsaken style.
  • null I've done all that, just need to finish my movelist, but I want to toy with stat distribution. I didn't realise there was a level cap and I'm not happy with the way I distributed the stats so I wanna play around with the stats on other charac…
  • I messed around a bit and i can get 37/24. I can also do 40/24 but the mobility isn't considered fast for some reason. This set is for 37/24 (fast): Silan Mask Tear Chief Armband Kuretz Fur Fang Li Noble Undertop Prospect Tunic Leat…
  • Yeah the story's pretty interesting. They make Risryn look like a merciless killer the first time you see her but the more you fight her it becomes apparent that the people who send you after her are the dodgy ones. Even the other bosses don't seem …
  • My level? I'm 60 and 60 combat trials. Stopped doing CT to start on a new character, gonna try and experiment with some new things.
  • Yeah this really needs to be a thing. I didn't realise there was a level cap until I hit it. Maybe make it so one of the NPCs offers it as an option, like with the create a school.
  • That's pretty cool. One of my favourite moves too.
  • Yeah pretty much. I wanted to have a well rounded deck for my first character. I'll look in to building a deck strictly for power at some point with my nexty character, will make a school for that if it turns out well .
  • Those are some pretty cool designs. I wonder if they'll allow custom masks, on PC at least.
  • I had it in my inventory once the game started so I'd assume it's ps4 exclusive.
  • null I saw Direct Punch being used in Bird Caller's Outpost. It was a female AI using Windfall and she had a Forest Dweller Mantle for shoulder armour (with the red circles).
  • Honestly I just kill myself every time I see those stages. Really is not worth spending a minute trying to dodge around pits while also taking someone's health down only to get shockwaved off a cliff. Pits don't need to be in PVP.
  • As far as I know you can't quit school at the moment. Don't really see why you'd need to, you can just ignore it. It's there if you want it.
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  • Variety is definitely important. I was neglecting moves that avoid lows and one particular fight punished me quite hard for that. I would also add that you should keep your eye on the range. Some moves might be a little bit slower but the range…
  • Oh woops was supposed to say Martial Arts movies lol
  • He spawns on the Hunting Path and in the Tower of Adal