South America / Argentina gamer. I have Absolver on PC and PS4. Playing most of the time on PC. Add me on Steam ( add link ).


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  • Yes, you are right. I met with some players that didn't like the idea so i only made the request to fight. Some accepted others just entered the altar or ran away. And i added calbot to my deck for the ones that still couldn't learn it. Was a good e…
  • I think we need someone to confirm what is going to happen with this feature. Someone from SloClap team and then close this thread.
  • Whats going to happen with this feature? Im asking because of what was said in the open letter "As for the future of the game, no major new features can be expect…
  • Buenas, no se si seguis jugando. Yo retome el juego hace poco asique si seguis dandole avísame y la viciamos.
  • Ive read that no larger content will be added after the winter update. Everything they add now will be gameplay changes and bug fixes. This is sad. I love this game, so unique, and Im always trying to make my friends understand de essence of absolve…
  • Yes ! beautiful outfits. For some reason i missed the announcement in the discord. Already bought the DLC.
  • Just now i quit a 1v1 because of the massive lag. The match finished 10 minutes ago. The fights before were good, no lag, no problems.
    in Laggs Comment by Benriya August 2018
  • First of all, i must apologize because my english is bad. Getting caught in a gold link chain is frustrating but there's always a way out. Duff is right, and there are plenty of other ways out of a pressure lock. I use shockwave often, but earthquak…