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  • Will wait for Next big patch to see if anything changes to see if it's gonna be worth it.
  • Actually we're talking about how it's incredibly balanced, except for it's speed.... Not to mention it's reach, since it can go further than a kick.... So realistic that.
  • not really much to have fun with when they punch you into a corner and just jab you to death. Everyone keeps saying it's defend-able, but these guys aren't losing stamina as much as I'm losing life. Not really much of a PVP game with only the master…
  • Just wanted that balanced art feel, not mma wannabe cheap shots....
  • Wow.... Okay... That's a bit better, still needs a tweak or 2 against speed bots
  • Wow, that escalated quickly.... Why so psychic? And this threads title is really bad. Great thread though. 100% amazing ideas
  • Wait, so at most.. Like slow type heavy armor only gives 25% coverage, but you lose 45% stamina Regen and 1/2 your speed? 2 negatives for half a positive?!? No one will think armor is worth it with those numbers...
  • And variety is the spice if life
  • 3,5, and 7 vs matchups would be awesome
  • But the save files are not unlinked. You can't start a new toon and go to a new school to try it out. The new character is still accoc with the old characters school.
  • Depends on the upcoming changes whether this game will even be worth it soon. As it stands now, it's only worth it after it seems, 50 to 60 hours of play, as you say.
  • I used those, he have interrupted me, got a entire line supposedly works against jabbers... They don't. And the jabbers are getting faster....
  • Please post results....
  • The jabs follow you now, they have more reach than kicks, they take more stamina away than kicks, there is no dodging... Just jab, jab, jab. Frelling jabbing bastards everywhere... Jabbing this and jabbing that, jabbing to and fro... Jabbing just to…
  • No, I don't think anyone is saying absolver is hard, that's the point. Without a balance away from GL, then how is it hard... Everyone will just eventually all have the same moves, and the game will suck...
  • Did that, he jabbed me too fast. Used earthquake, he Jabbed me through it...
  • Used a thrust avoid attack...he interrupted it too... And he was WAYYY faster than me and I was 27 fast... Didn't know it went past 30
  • So, just randomly then... You could have just said "It matches your randomly..."
  • Yes, you too can party... You can also spam it seems. As soon as they learn to counter your spam without it, it will disappear from their deck, as will your spam deck because the age of spamming is coming to an end.
  • This all comes down once again armor bring pointless right now, because khalt was designed to be "tanky" and as the game stands, running around naked is Best
  • I think they need to make a actual no damage roll move that takes you 3 steps away just to piss off gold linkers and combo perfectionists....
  • It's happing more and more. Once your hit like lvl 50, they can Dodge everything you do
  • So basically no one is against GL, just that it costs too little stamina for basically perfect hits. Ping issues aside, Gold Linking is a game mechanic that should at least be tweaked.
  • A WILL style deck could be balanced around heavy armor use, use MOBILITY "A" moves, put both STR and DEX at F.... That's be different. Make it like IRON FIST style.
  • Keep GL, just make it cost more stamina to do it. Multiple moves pushed together in real succession actually cost more stamina in real life because of the speed needed to do such moves uses more muscles to maintain the momentum and damage amount
  • I'm thinking of actually seeing the type of competition and tracking the rise and fall that will happen between schools. Also to give people (noobs) a chance to see more than just the top five schools, so that more schools get recognition.
  • Higher defense yes, but aimed directly at faster attacks only. A full hit blunt attack would rattle a person in armor, so maybe armor works against quick moves more than power moves to be balanced and make a player able to counter armor builds as we…
  • So this game is just a jab game...
  • There's no email for slow clap.. Just tried to report a speed hacker
  • A better style would be a Japanese judo/Bushido style. Overt hits, throws, and insane rush sword tactics..