Oh yeah...but I want the "raids" first.


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  • I'm totally ready to buy DLC, would be awesome if they added some kind of dungeons or raids. Nice that you got back into the game
  • Do you think the guides have then found a new God if the being at the top of the mountain isn't Anlek or someone they believe to be anlek I don't think it's a god, nor Anlek. The Mask of Anlek was made off of how the god looked like, or how people t…
  • But isn't it the guides that commune with the being and also they preach the law of anlek and train absolvers to protect the law of anlek and the being lacking eyes still seems to be connected to everything like you said when you die thru it's conn…
  • Just want to add that I know about Tension Arts and how it's explained that Tension is what Absolver and Prospects use to pull out weapons and unleash different powers. But I strongly believe that Essence is involved with the Tension Arts
  • I don’t think it’s Anlek y0shi. If Anlek is known for being the Eye God then why doesn’t the spirit have some sort of eye? (Btw eyes can be found all over the Tower and on Anleks Mask) It could be possible but the evidence is lacking.
  • null Yes Dante that would make sense. Only the strongest individuals would be able to withstand this corruption.
  • The being is what I consider to be a spirit made ”real” and it uses Essence and Folding to maintsin it’s physical form. When you ”die” the spirit uses it’s connection to your mask and Folding to get you back into the world. Folding is when you …
  • Well the city of Raslan was built around the Essence Mine and that's why it's so "rich". Gold ornaments, different quarters and districts, the insanely huge library and the royal family shows that this was a very big city and it influenced alot of t…
  • Am I the only one that wanna learn how to speak Adalian fluently? It would be so cool but so useless XD
  • I want to start by saying that I am generally trash at this game, but that doesn't make me inexperienced. I've played and been around since the start, I watch videos and know alot about the game, but I'm bad at it since it's hard. And I like a chall…