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  • I wanted to say that the first suggestion is garbage because you wouldn't be able to move while blocking. still, it would be nice if it was possible to bind Alt+ other keys, or Ctrl+another key. Or spacebar even. I'm thinking as a Windfall, …
  • So far so good
  • Did this ever get resolved? I'm thinking of buying a steam controller.
  • ok after knife strike lets do a drunken smash
  • Cool, thanks.
  • So, once you hit level 60 you can just join a school to learn the rest of the moves, and just change schools to collect all of the moves?
  • Ok,. Stretch out hook in the bottom right alternate spot
  • Nah, like Billie Jean or Patti Sue. Honestly though, my first thought for a Peter-female name was Petra. I do like Bibi (pronounced Bebe?). Lets go with Bob/Bibi, Peter/Petra, John/Jackie. Sounds good. How about those Khalt NPCs that s…
  • Here's another one :
  • Hmm, I'll keep an eye out for Peter... Bird caller's outpost maybe? - I do know his good friends, especially the jump elbow jackhammer punch fellow/ess's. That's John & Jackie. Yes, the other thing is that there is female embodiment's of…
  • ok, after Calbot in Top/Left Middle spot, lets put Knife Hand Strike
  • I play Khalt now and no joke I have a good deal of trouble with GB moves. Even early on learning moves, its hard to learn those moves, as you can either dodge at the very last part of a second or you can use a sidestep avoid attack in that window,…
  • Yeah I am banking on that
  • Haha, right. I kept changing things up but now that I've made a school, I'm gonna try to stick with it and learn my deck through and through.
  • Here's my updated combat deck, which I feel is getting close to final form. I'm gonna try to cast a net for PC users on YouTube, playing this deck with keyboard and mouse. Specifically, I'll post a video showing how I can quickly change my stanc…
  • Heya Metha, I took out your deck for a spin and I really liked the flow of it. I'm so used to a completely different style that it took some getting used to, but I like how things flow toward the Top Right stance. Seemed pretty effective to me. …
  • Nice idea Shoegazer. I'd put MeiaLua in the first spot before THDante's Falcon Punch, but Shoegazer's rules said we need to build a primary chain from the starting position or it won't be accepted. So, I'll put a decent range sweeping attack …
  • Practice looking at your opponent and studying them and using your style ability( i know lag can make this hard sometimes) but it will favor and stimulate growth in your absolver skills making you able to use moves that are harder to land but way m…
  • ^^ This would be great ^^ not to hijack the thread, but it would also be cool to have NPC's in the world (at higher skill level) fight with popular player made school decks.
  • Yeah, agreed. Here is what I'm rolling with now. I'm liking it very much. 41:51 for barehands deck / wargloves
  • Actually Methos, I ended up changing my Top right Alternate to body blow, and my bottom right to Tetsuzankio. Now all my alternates are a side step, and they all go ( i think ) clockwise now.. I've noticed difference in that I can now depend on ha…
  • Hey Metha, I appreciate it. I thought about what you said, and did some tinkering around. The main thing I changed in the end was that my first primary attack & its matching alternate do a different type of avoid. I've noticed that now I'm ha…
  • I wasn't able to farm loot last night in Oratian Quarter, but it might have been the low player count.. See video, 00:00 - 00:25 - Was checking to see if there was any items dropped (to help investigate this issue) - but no..
  • My pleasure as always. P.s the bug where you pick up a weapon but dont actually weild it (invisible weapon) and can't drop it came back. you either get killed, pick up another weapon or summon your own. Otherwise you are stuck in your sword deck d…
  • Sure thing UltraBlue. There is one other thing I've learned : You don't need to meditate at a stone to do this, as I just learned through extended "meditation" at the bottom entrance to "The Essence Mines". But, each time I've found loot I've bee…
  • Cool
  • hehe its cool man. Going through footage of playing the game I found some good images that I've yet to make screenshots of. There are some good looking "spell" like captures. Especially the guard breaking frame.
  • I added timestamps in the comment section on youtube.
  • Thanks Vanguard, it was fun to make.
  • Welcome