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  • I encountered some connection problems sometimes yeah. But for him everything is working perfectly, other ennemies around are normal, I see players running around normally, my movement are not delayed or anything, it's just him.
  • Hell yeah ! the moves of muay thai could totally fit in the combat system of absolver. If you think about it as a full style then what would be the special move ?
  • Pour l'instant c'est seulement une supposition mais je pense que le jeu va etre enrichie petit à petit, nous n'avons la qu'une partie de ce qui sera jouable. Je ne sais pas si on peut s'attendre à un grand mode histoire détaillé etc ( j'espere quand…
  • Est ce que tu as battu le marqué qui se trouve vers la droite de la map ? Je ne sais pas exactement comment y aller normalement, je suis passé sous un escalier et suis tombé un peu plus bas ( chute sans dégats), il était là, c'est peut etre celui qu…
  • Is it indeed relatively easy to orientate yourself for now as there is few regions, however I don't know if it will remain the same later if they add more places. Maybe as Nicodemus said writing the name of the regions to be able to realise where yo…
  • It would be awesome, a rainy mood and thunder would be gorgeous. As a follow up to this, music would be also a good addition, the themes are already great ( remind me of the soundtracks of the game "Bastion" ), there could be some variations of this…
  • It would maybe not be a great idea as a set of moves, As Krakens_Law says I am already scare of the ledges as it is now. However I can it as a special move for a style, where as the dodge or block by pressing the right direction you could stop an at…
  • allright, it was to be sure. As for the main story I disagree with you, I think more chapters and ennemies would be good. THe graphism are awesome, the estetic is really special, it would be a waste to just stop at few areas like that. Moreover they…
  • I accidently passed the cinematic after beating this boss and reappered in the guide place. you confirm that it is, for now, the "end" of the story mode ?