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  • It would be easy to map, for example: parry/and absorb could be mapped to the "X" or right stick button (since it has no use in combat) windfall could stay where it is. Now I know parry can be used in 4 directions so it would have to become universa…
  • I'm not saying get rid of parry and the evasive movements just that they should be available to everyone. That could learned like the moves you learn from prospects, and there should be a slot in your combat deck for it.
  • I'm more at odds with the fact that some of the most simple moves do not behave as they should, a straight punch doesn't have a draw back it's thrown from the hip straight out, because if this you can't throw a simple two piece combo, also the side…
  • Throws should be included but not an entire system. Like someone said maybe map them to the right sick just like the stance abilities or include a stance with the ability to throw their opponent.
  • Agreed, jumping definitely needs to be included, especially while running around the map....as far as jumping during fighting I don't see a use for it, maybe a move similar to mma that allows you to kick off the wall and land an attack, or to get be…
  • @Smithy09218 I was literally going to say the same thing lol...this feature is crucial for this game, players skills and deck building would improve at a much faster rate!