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  • And like i said nanashi the changes to moves were fine, the changes to gold link were not fine. There was never an issue with gold linking being too fast, with most attacks being stamina negative you could always just sit back and guard and wait for…
  • What were the issues you had with the previous patch, its a simple question. Changing moves and abilities can and does dictact meta changes, changing something as fundamental as how combos flow completely changes the game
  • Its like when halo added aim down sights and sprint, made it a completely different game
  • Look, the move nerfs and style changes outside of khalt were great, but currently there’s a punishment for delaying attacks (not goldlinking), and its cutting complexity from the game. On top of that, I’ve already noticed that I can’t feint as much …
  • Its not that jump or duck is broken so much as left/right has a way bigger window for most attacks. An early left/right avoid on a jab still avoids the damage and allows time to start a counter but if up/down isn’t perfect you just get slapped.
  • Nah no biggie was just a new one.
  • I'm actually not a huge fan of using another person's deck. That being said, are you a forsaken, kahlt, or windfall? Every move in the game can be parried, absorbed, or avoided and countered, be patient when fighting and block and look for an openin…
  • check this; http://steamcommunity.com/app/473690/discussions/0/1474222499228144592/
  • I do wish there was some way to drop/destroy items. Right now I'm sitting on like 10 pairs of khaki's
  • Should Kahlt stay vulnerable to guard breaks as well? Being vulnerable to guard breaks gives the ability some sort of counter but it;'s still hard to see kahlts usefulness when parry/avoid can play around those attacks.
  • My only issue with earthquake is that attacks that inherently dodge low attacks avoid earthquake altogether. Not sure if this is a bug or balance decision but IMO it rewards more luck than skill.
  • I personally like to have opening moves in each stance have some sort of special in at least two of the stances, for example a quick charge break attack in one and a low sweep in another. In general just try and experiment and see what works, people…
  • To add to what helix said, if you start getting chained use shockwave or earthquake even to reset the engagement.
  • This is the second or third time I've heard someone mention broken moves, what exactly are they talking about?
  • Hey UNCBlocks, What in your opinion are OP moves? In my experience, every move in the game can already be countered with existing options, the one exception maybe being kahlt. The combat decks are what makes the combat unique, if you get strung…
  • I also agree with insight, poke and hit isn't fun
  • Hey UNCBlocks, In my experience it most definitely does NOT encourage more feints or alternate attacks. The previous version encouraged feints/alternates as experienced players could predict the next movement in the chain and use an ability check t…