Who would hack this game?

People must suck if they have to resort to cheating. What is the point of it?


  • I seena guy cheating just now who is called "One Punch Man" He killed me in 1 hit at full health!
  • Hacker. A hacker would hack this game. It makes them feel good somehow.
  • Well in a game with known hacks (don't forget the invisibility one too), which the devs have done nothing about since pre-launch, why would they start now?
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    Meh, hacking is just a fact of life in online PC gaming these days.

    Hopefully they come up with a quick and easy way to report.

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    I'm almost surprised I haven't seen more... oh wait there's the unlimited stamina hacks... the one that gets you out of stun and the debuff behind it... it's just CS in a fighting game... ooh wait for the wall hacks. You know what usually solved the issues in the past? When devs played and ran into the hacks.
  • I wonder when it's going to be enough of an issue for them to do something about it. Im setting my game to offline until they do.
    Btw I know there are safeguards they can put in the script to keep from tampering. I've seen it on other games.
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    There are a few things they could do, but nothing's going to be as effective as anyone would like. Loads of other more popular games with much bigger budgets, like Rust and CS:GO, have been struggling with hackers for years now-- no clear end in sight.

    Best we can really hope for without expecting them to completely overhaul the structure of their netcode is some sort of server-side validation, and because someone will inevitably find a way around that, a method of reporting cheaters.

    I wouldn't worry about it too much though, at least until some sort of ranking system is devised. As it stands now, they don't seem to be incredibly common and all a hacker can really do is inconvenience you for a couple of minutes.
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