Co-Op PvE Combat Trial Idea - Wave Defense

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So, simple idea for the folks out there like me, who prefer PvE co-op experiences to PvP.

Mode looks like this in my brain:
  • 3 Players enter area
  • First wave spawns, with 4 enemies. If wave succeeds, players get a star.
  • Next wave is another 4 enemies. One star for survival.
  • Next wave is 5. One star.
  • Next wave 6. One star.
  • Next wave 2 and one ‘elite’. Two stars.
  • 3 and 1. Two stars.
  • And so on…
  • If they make it to the end of 10 waves, they get a bonus RNG item.
  • If a player TK’s another member, they lose a star.
  • If they die and get rezzed, that round awards one star less.
  • If all members die, the match is over.
Battles would take much longer and would get progressively harder the further they go. This give people a chance to work together, get stars for surviving longer and promote good teamwork by watching each other’s health and making sure not to strike one another.

Just a quick thought!


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