I chose windfall and it said Dex would up my damage...

But Dex doesn't even move it up a .1 of a point. Str actually ups it more than an entire point! Is this a bug or what?? I wasted 15 points in Dex before I realized it upped my damage by barely a point at all. WTF??


  • Dex and Str only increase the damage of the moves, not the class you're using. If you're using a bunch of Kahlt moves then a Dex build is not a good choice.
  • Thus when the points are about 20, their effectiveness begins to drop.
    It says certain class should have certain build for some unknown reason but in my opinion, balanced build is most powerful. Focusing too much on certain attributes will drop the value of your points
    I suppose it's like a y=sqrt(x) function. It gets less effective over time.
  • Moves rarely use 1 stat only and there are soft/hard-caps.
    For example.. when i have a move with strenght A and dexterity E.
    IF my strenght and dex are both 5 and i add 1 point. Strenght will give more dmg.
    HOWEVER.. if my strenght is like 15-20 (aka .. above the soft-cap) and my dex is 5 .. then putting one point in dex will most likely give more damage.
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