Could not create the session

Hi, I've been experiencing issues with trying to change the world matchmaking to "Invitations" and inviting my friend. It keeps on displaying "Could not create the session"


  • I’ve been having this issue too. For a couple of days now a friend and I have tried to play together but neither of us can create a session or invite. We get the same error message as well. If it helps, we’re both on Xbox One.
  • Hey has this problem been resolved yet me and my brother are experiencing this and were not sure what to do
  • having the exact same issue here on xbox one
    Encounters are working fine, I just get the message “could not create session” when switching to invitation matchmaking
  • Having the same issue. No matter how many times i try to set it to invitations, it just keeps saying "Could not create the session"
  • Yup same problem except it’s been happening since I started, so I ask you Fix the game
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