About the game account being blocked by mistake.

In December 2018.I play the game, but because the server is unstable, so I opened up the network accelerator to play, but doing so leads to the end is my game account permanently banned.So I just want to ask open network accelerator, and the player's account may be banned it?Because of your own server problems, and finally the need to carry out a player's account to accept responsibility?And last year the account is banned, I started a complaint.But so far no reply to me.That you go as long as the player's account banned, even if it is false seal, we as players do not have any way you can appeal it?I need to get an answer today.Do not use the official language to answer.


  • There has not been much Sloclap attention to the forums for the past 9 months.
    There does not appear to be any support for the game currently.

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