Deleting critical posts, ignoring the community, abandoning game support. This is what it looks like when a developer starts going down hill, and this is where the Absolver devs are taking the game. I made my own post questioning the dev's silence on the issue and it was just blatantly deleted.

They don't care about you. They don't care if you can't access schools, they don't care if that ruins the game for the long-term players. They don't care if new players are gonna buy it and not get the full experience. They are a game development company, they care about one thing and that is money. The cash cow's empty and it's gonna be left to rot. These posts are falling on deaf ears. Who do you think reads them? Probably just some intern who rolls his eyes when he sees another one of those damn school issue posts. It's time to give up on asking for a response.

This game's community seemed extremely loyal to me when I first started playing. It's a shame it's not reciprocated by the devs.


  • This was a huge surprise for me, considering they just ported it to the XBOX -- which has had zero support, from the looks of it. This is a bizarre way to treat a game that was not only a passion project for the devs, but is designed for high level PVP competition -- which requires constant fine tuning and ongoing support to not screw over the player base.

    The game, at the beginning, was a buggy, barely working mess. The dev team also made quite a bit of cash at the beginning, selling way more copies than they expected. However, because the game was a buggy, unfinished mess, most of the people left. So, they had a kung fu No Man's Sky, filled with bugs and incomplete promises.

    The difference between this dev team and the No Man's Sky team is that they kept supporting their game, and have brought it to the level of their original vision. Sloclap abandoned the game far too early, and this game never got there. The spectator mode was never developed -- and this could have given the game a shot in the arm for Twitch. Downfall is okay, but its not varied enough to be fun for long. Even if it was, the rewards have dried up, since every high level player has every mask and item in the game, and there isn't any more coming.

    The question is why Sloclap didn't leave a skeleton crew on the game. If they had someone making new masks and releasing new armor monthly and charging a few bucks for each, they could have supported their game, as well as continuing updates and bug fixes -- which was never finished. It's shameful that they walked away from the game in this state and at this time. I wonder now if the whole "rift coin" thing was supposed to be loot box based mechanics. They introduced that soon before the Battlefront II fiasco, if I remember right. Maybe the dev team was way less passionate and way more shady than the loyal fan base gave them credit for.

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    And the Fact that this Post still has no answers from the Devs just shows that they couldnt care less about the game
  • honestly... atleast the servers are still up... so they may care a tad more than you think
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