If you're done with game, let us do more with it.

Since there aren't going to be anymore updates... As a final act why dont you start supporting modding in the community? We wanted a bo staff and never got it, let us put it in the game. Theres been hundreds of ideas from the community that could and frankly should be in the game. This would only possibly boost sales if the modding community went to town on it and did some really cool stuff, and if you gave the option for community server hosting this would be totally viable.... Playermade map expansions, clothing, weapons. Seriously, why the hell not? I myself have bought certain games just for some of the modded versions ive seen. As im sure others have. And if it works on pc, hell, why not bring Absolver modding to console too?


  • it's a great idea the modding would make the game even better
  • yes it would be great but we asked sloclap often about it and it seems like they dont want to lose controll of absolver and making modding possible requires effort too.
  • What about a way to have the bot in the combat deck training attack you so you can practice your defense more instead of all offense
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