AI feels too perfect?

Anyone feels the AI is a little too perfect?


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    and easy to trick, but i never had an AI that was anything close to fighting pvp in any game, so i wont complain
  • best feature of anygame is to have intense and smart AI, the reason i play destiny 1, destiny 2 is because the enemies are intelligent, but have their set backs and patterns that make them predictable or easy to kill because of their healthbars or lack of good armor/protection issues, and am not sure why bungie chooses to make more expansions and detailed weapons and equipment instead, its a little rash, alot of other games out there especially MMORPG types ignore good PVE and opt for harder bosses, thus making the regular enemies in each beatiful area feel like trash, so nobody really cares to be in those nice areas, so i hope absolver developers can take notice and upkeep each game area and school with new types of enemies and area enhancements to keep AI happy, even if its giving them new types of weapons and distractions, hot food, beer/wine/drinks, or watever so they aren't just sniffing each others ass waiting to hit a player, because thats predictable and can be absolvers worst feature in single player, lack of deepth and variety.
  • Recently I realized that a "too good" of an A.I. can actually ruin the fun in a game. Been playing Dishonored 2 recently and sure, the A.I. reacts unpredictably to every little thing you do and their cones of vision are all over the place but seriously, the times I had to reload an old save because of some enemy decided to act unpredictably made the game just not fun to me. I spent more time on loading screens than actually playing the damn game... , ,
  • The defensive reflexes and tackling of the AI is insane Players. can deflect nearly any long pass or cross as they're launched. And they win a large proportion of one-on-one tackles, either with a really well-timed poke away or a rugby tackle where your own player flaps down like a fish.

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