Stats, Chat, Fuck you emote?

So far i really enjoy this game. i think a stat screen should show up when you join a pvp. Similar to when it shows your name it should show your win/loss ratio.i think this would be an awesome idea. For example 78/4 . Also some kind of chat would be nice, a simple push to chat button. Also i would like to see more emotes to be available. Some that can be unlocked. There is no emotes to show anger. How cool would it be to throw up the middle finger to someone who uses shockwave to knock you off the ledge. i also hope that in the future there is more gear to unlock, there is tons as it stands but there isn't enough that is unique to me. For example more capes and masks would be super nice, i love having a bright colorful cape on. Would of been super cool to have seen a color option for all gear. With a color wheel so everyone can have there own distinct colored gear.


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