More RPG! More Story! Absolve Bad Villages!

Hello Sloclap,

Love Absolver it's a great game and I think i speak for all of us real fans when i say we want to see it grow. Besides entering the Fold, is it possible to send us to clear out (Absolve) bad villages? Earning us some Essence and maybe Honor Gear to show our fellow players We are not just a fighter here for the glory of the next match, we are a hero/heroin in the world of the game. It would be nice being thanked by some human NPC's for what we do or did. It'd be nice to see a kid and family's living out of small huts. (even if they only had a couple of lines to say.) And if you set it up to be procedurally generated we will be able to imagine and feel as if every time we take on the quest/task we are in a new village or area in Raslan, Awesome! Also I believe if you set up a small new area in the world for us to get to the quest/task before entering the villages it will help us find other Absolvers to join us before entering because absolvers hanging around this new area are more than likely trying to head toward it. (waiting for 2 out of 3 players to enter Down Fall has become a pain.) You could make this expansion update free but honestly... i'm willing to pay for it. Hope you like the suggestion Sloclap and thanks again for all your hard work.

If You are a fellow Absolver reading this and you like the idea please post a rating on the scale of
High Kick (Sounds Awesome!)
Med Kick (Sounds Cool)
Low Kick (Sounds Good)

And please leave a comment expanding on this idea if you have any.


  • Greetings Thanos_The_Absolver,

    Thanks for all the suggestions! We appreciate that you share your thoughts and your game experience. I can't promise that they'll be implemented, but I'll be sharing your ideas to the team. Please continue to do that; we need your feedback.

    Thanks again for your patience & support!
  • Thanks slcp_Kaolin,

    Fingers crossed, I'm also going to have a little suggestive fun using other community ideas that are interesting in the forums and use them to build on it. Hopefully enticing and fun enough to sell to the team. Just a personal note. "I'm tired of so many of us in the community trying to put this game in the same restraints of games like dark souls & tekken while in the same breath calling it unique. I believe those of us in the community that are able to see what you are doing understand it is it's own thing. It's Something New! not you'r basic Arcade Fighter. Nothing basic about it! It's not, please stop suggesting things to make it more like them." Huh.. ok i'm done. Now lets build and make a Community + Dev love sandwich! With extra awesome!

    High Kick!
  • This is obviously subjective however let's start with a meeting location. Using the map suggestion by Geist. (Accept a few things for the village concept in mind.) I would suggest the boat be instead a NPC boatman who is willing to dock you in the direction your going. Also perhaps have him ask if we will be bringing others. So we can see if other Absolvers on the dock want to leave with a group, join a group in that area or dock at it solo with the possibility of two others dropping in to help absolve the area. If we just had two village areas that procedurally generated like Ripa desert and Uring mountains we would get a lot replay time in as well as feel like the world is a lot bigger in scope.
    Geist said:

    I really love art-style of this game, But the world is too small imo.
    I'd like to suggest new PVE worlds.

    You can go to new map with using boat from central harbor.
    There are vast deserts(Ripa desert?) and steep mountains(Uring mountain) in the new map and you can receive quests from people who evacuated from the earthquake.
    Also, people will live more than adal's area.

    We then arrive at a village in danger with NPC's standing and crying or running for their lives. And once inside We are greeted by savage raiders of the Gast Method (By SilverBones) (however i would suggest not making all of them wear masks because they wouldn't be prospects or absolvers.)


    This is one of two fan-made stances I am currently concepting. Right now the art is fairly rudimentary sketches, but I plan to add a few more decent illustrations to it later. The Gast Method is based on a more animalistic approach to martial arts, based vaguely on the ‘claw-based’ animal arts of Kung Fu with a few other mystical flavors thrown in, lending towards the mythological creature the name leans towards.

    The basic premise is that the Gast Method Stance is one based on mobility and distance while using its unique defense action to steal shard energy from an opponent while granting some breathing room. The stance rewards keeping back from an opponent, while using the broad sweeping strikes to chip away health, prevent the use of an opponents special skills or healing and control the battle with your own equipped powers.

    The Gast Method takes a very animalistic approach, but most apparent is the use of dangling arms and extended fingers in a claw-like fashion. The head is tilted somewhat like a predator watching prey, and the movement of the arms is limited, much as if they were hanging lifelessly.

    When using a sword, the weapon is gripped in reverse (much like the Khalt Method), but the tip is dragged along the ground, held in one of the dangling arms. Stave use (when it is implemented) would be much like leaning on the weapon for support, again, the appearance of bestial, limpness being fundamental to the stance.

    Blocking is done by the legs. Since the arms are used purely to attack, the legs are used defensively, drawing up close to the body and absorbing hits from the front, or intercepting blows from the back with athletic twisting. Blocking a blow results in much further push back and stamina consumption than other styles though, making it difficult to sustain when close to cliff edges and the like.

    Idle poses should be animalistic. Grabbing at their own mask, howls to the sky, aggressive posturing, anything that speaks to being savage or at the edge of control.

    Unlike other Stances, the Gast Method does not use kicks or sweeps. All attacks are made with the hands, flung around on the end of sweeping arm spins and athletic maneuvering at full extension. Many of the moves have a side or retreating motion, to keep attackers at bay, with other two-handed slices moving forward to assault with brutal effectiveness.

    The arms are swung around as if they were lifeless. These swings leaving large arcs, ending in outstretched fingers in a claw formation. Attack damage is, for the most part, Blunt Damage as normal, but Gast Method heavy attacks are too swift and ranged to warrant guard-breakers, rather they do Cut Damage, chipping away at health with razor like slashes from their fingers.

    Weapon maneuvers are similarly sweeping. Large arcs while advancing or retreating, athletic speed and animalistic posturing as blows chip and slice. Full arm extension and blade grant a lot of room to attack but lack the impact of other, close-range styles.

    Stance Defense Action
    The Stance Defense for the Gast Method is based on mobility and clearing distance. It is directional in control and has the potential effect of stealing shard energy from an opponent. Depending on the direction moved, the distance and the amount of stolen energy varies.

  • This is amazing bro
  • Thanks @colonelklutch619 I'll count that as a High Kick! lol
  • np @Thanos_The_Absolver it's more like a spinning jump kick lol ;)
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    @Geist and @SilverBones Just making sure you guys are tagged correctly. Respect! :smile:
  • Definitely a high kick from me. It’s sounds like a lot of work for sloclap but as a new player I’d love to see the community grow.
  • Thanks @The_Fox_King_79 The more support the better our chances are to see it make it into the game. Please share this Discussion to get the word out. And if someone try's to tell you that Sloclap is done with Absolver and won't be updating anything in the future, ignore them or tell them to go Fold themselves into a dumpster because that isn't the case.
  • I’ve not seen anyone suggesting that Sloclap are done with it? Though I’m not particularly prolific on the forums.
  • Well, @The_Fox_King_79 What i am referring to is some gamers in the community think that Soclap won't do anything els with Absolver and everyone will have to wait until a second installment. As a online game this isn't the situation. If we support the game with our dollar and speaking out, the possibility's are almost endless. Some believe that all DLC for the game should be free. And that makes since for other games but not for this one and not for Sloclap who has worked their butts off. They couldn't put things like the Bo Staff in the game because they ran out of budget to work with, I say We help them make the funds for that budget, get our Bo Staffs eccetera.. and help support building the world of Absolver. :smiley:
  • I see, well they and the community have my support. I did think it was strange that the Bo Staff wasn’t a thing hahaha
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