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What's up guys! In-game name's SKANDERBAK (totally failed the username for the forum, meh) :)

I joined yesterday because I needed a different type of game and avoid the mainstream. I couldn't stop playing. I'm still in the "button mashing with some neuron activity" phase, trying to understand how to master Windfall. I've been destroyed several times in those 1v1 and the AI isn't forgiving at all, which is great, much more rewarding when I'm able to hit a good blow or two.

Too bad the game has such a low player base right now. It has a lot of potential, but I think the problem is that people right now want to be experts in the shortest possible time, and this game is about eternal grinding and polishing.

Any way, feel free to add me as a friend and let's reach the top together!


  • Hey there, glad you enjoy the game. You should probably note which platform you are on since there is no cross play. I recommend placing a post on your profile with your platform, online ID, and describe what you are looking to do. I for instance just posted 'activity' that I need 3 moves to achieve Grandmaster, and I'm definitely looking for help. If you click on an ID in the forum it goes to the profile. Best of luck!
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