First Impression 1.29 Hit-and Blockstun

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Hi sloclap,
ive only played the patch for a couple of hours now but i think the changes are pretty clear.

-winter maps look nice

-are a very good addition


0.Manual dodge:
ive tryed it out with a friend and it seems to be just right now. a spacing tool and not a crutch.
i cant tell it for sure but i think youve done a very good job on MD.

1.:style abilities feel better from my experience and make the combat more fast and fluid.
so im happy about that too

OOOooo boi who has had the idea to change ALL of the known speed balancing?
That change is without a doubt the most arbitrary thing any patch has ever brought.
But lets keep it objectivly here.

What has changed:

-most moves reach their theoretical blockstun on papaer IF they are gold linked while the hitstun is way lower than it should be.
-BEFORE the update we had the block-/hitstun +3,5 gold link frames (on average)

In practice that means:
17 frame hits wich are AVERAGE speed attacks in absolver (the range goes from 10-24 frames)
now need 6frames stun to be save from the most used 12 frame interupts that already deal 80(medium) damage.

I tested a couple moves and 6 hitstun frames are almost non existent. even the moves that should have 6 or higher hit/blockstun
dont have them. i tested liver knee just as an example and it had 3-4 frames hitstun on my friend.

in just a few hours after the patch the whole great deck variety we had was shifting to chains of 12-14 frame attacks.
every move above 15 frames is now situational and rarely a part of a save and consistent combo.
12-14 frame hits arent able to break a guard properly so fights become extremly booring.
Less tention, less variety and a whole lot of spam.

What i would change?
Mix the best of both absolver versions. The hit-/blockstun of this version for style abilities
and the hit-/blockstun of the last patches for counter attacks.

Thanks for your attention.


  • But srsly sloclap who of you can make a decision that makes 80% of all your previous balancing decision obsolete?
    Those block /hitstun changes are a HUGE HUUUGE buff for fast attacks and a very hard nerf to slow attacks.
    I mean how are those attacks supposed to be balanced now? All the previous changes to the movesets were steps in the right direction but now, the majority of medium or heavy moves are just senseless.
  • Yep feels weird again I expect hyper armour, charge punches to make a comeback
  • I saw a post on Reddit where they point out a problem with hit stun in the latest patch. It looks like they see that as a regression and are working towards a patch for the hit stun issues. With any luck that should be a narrow bug fix. Little by little, the implementation gets better overall. My hope is that the next few bug fix patches will tighten up the ship so that most game play and balance issues are resolved.
  • hopefully they find a good way to restore deck building possibilities while the defensive abilities remain or become more fluent.
  • Is it weird to wish for an overall uniform and balanced drop of the majority of frames for the defensive abilities? With the last few updates I feel like they can be very unpredictably unreliable.
  • I dunno, I stick entirely to Windfall so it's very hard to judge. Currently I think the only real hiccup is the hit stun issue. When Downfall dropped Windfall defensive frame count went up and I was very annoyed with it. It seems wrong that a side weave is slower than a number of the punches. Somehow it doesn't bother me as much now with the manual dodge fix. I don't know if they changed the frame count for defensive moves or touched the inactive frames for it, but it doesn't 'feel' any different right now. With the manual dodge fix this plays much more balanced. I use a fairly slow combat deck for a mobility fighter and still have fairly easy time of using the defensive moves when needed. Maybe Windfall is in good shape at the moment and only the others need tweaking. I'm having a hard time finding issues with the combat balance at the moment.
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