This game sucks

I was gonna write this huge thing about the horrible lack of identity and the weird ass mechanics and randomness with hit points and blocking and how its just a jumbled up mess. But then i remembered what i always say at work. You can paint something and still not know how to paint. Well apparently you can be a developer and still not know how to develope. Its like a broken kung fu simulator with no purpose.


  • Absolver doesnt have an Identity problem only bad trailers that dont explain properly that its a extremly complex mainly pvp fighting game in wich the late game evolves around improving your own fighting skill to have more and more fun in awesome battles with other good players. The further you go the better it gets. Just like any good Tournament game. The great difference is, that youre not limited to specific combos and playstyles that have
    been planned by the developers: So while Tekken, SC, SF and so on become a more complex rock-scissor-stone
    with reaction time and a good eye for behavior leeding you to the top players, Absolver is open end for improvements.
    Its not "only"(had a really high skillcap) like an older street fighter in wich block/parry timings could be ridiculously diffecult, but you can still learn new game mechanics after several thousand hours of playing.
    And all that while this game remains pretty much balanced. (means all mechanics can be used properly)

    Youre judging a book you cant read. Absolver isnt a bad game just because its to diffecult for you or the newbies you play with. Even so some of them will eventually become good fighters and reach the core of the game.

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