Fellow absolvers and prospects 2019

Hey, just wanted to say ive been playing absolver since release and its been one of the most engaging gaming experiences of my life. All the laggy jab spam and grab punches in the world couldnt stop me from playing this title for as long as possible, all that being said i wanted to make a post to my fellow veteran absolvers who also share the respect i have developed for this game who also wish to see it strive and live on through many more years to come, we owe it to the developers for bringing us this gem to be the image of the absolver communiy while in the plains of adal.
What i mean by that is if we are dbags and piss people off with cheap tactics or emote spam, direct message trolling or whatever then we are chasing people away from enjoying the game the way we do, hence ruining everything sloclap and devolver digital has worked so tirelessly on day and night to make better.

How often do other developers actually listen to the community?
How often do they keep us in the loop and communicate directly to us?
This isnt a new topic by any means, toxic players ruin games all the time. Lets not allow that to happen with absolver.

To any prospects out there who feel like they just cant figure something out, dont worry, with time you will develope a type of bleeding effect. Soon enough youll know the moves well enough to address them accordingly and dish them out just as precise.

Fold well my friends,


  • U2 sly u2.
    Im still having alot of fun and yes im greateful for the game and all the players that give me a nice challange
    and keep that game breathing.
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