A couple of fair suggestions regarding gameplay balance

I would like to begin with a huge praise to the developers for their first fighting game. I loved the game from the moment I saw videos of it and I would love to see it become an e-sports game.
Here is my view on how the game can reach that point.

1. Manual dodge needs to be nerfed.
a) The distance when facing backwards is huge. Why not make it so its the same distance for all directions.
b) The slow down is kind of much when you can easily punish someone with an 11-12 frame move. It kinda makes windfall obsolete.
c) The ability to dodge everything, even horizontals and thrusts, is what makes that one button better than any class.
I would keep manual dodge either:
a) strictly a spacing tool.
b) a uni-directional dodge but does not slow down the opponent.
c) make manual dodge cost 1 shard per dodge but it could reward for half a shard for successful avoid.

2. There are certain moves that could use more loving than others.
a) Leg Breaker could be a 17 frame move just like its big brother Side Kick
b) Pulmonary Palm is worse than having Cleaver Blow. Pulmonary Palm could be either a 16f move with the same stats as Cleaver Blow or increase the frame advantages both on hit and on guard.
c) One Inch Punch is a well known move but why is it 23 frames? Could have the start-up reduced by 1 or 2 frames.
d) The regular Mawashi is such a nice move and it could use a bit of loving too. Could be a 12 frame move with like 3 or 4 frames on hit and 0 frames on guard.
e) Dwit Chagi has worse frame advantage on hit than crushing palm. Sure there is that range but, could have like 1 extra frame on hit and an extra 1-2 on guard.
f) Let's not forget that bending palm could use some buffing too. We already have (sword) moves that are 17 frames and give 9 frame advantage on hit and they are guard breaks. Now I'm not saying bending palm should be a guard break move but it feels underpowered.
g) Drunk Crane can use a little bit of buffing by giving it an extra 1 frame advantage on hit, but no changes to its advantage on guard. There is no point having rabbit punch right now when we have drunk crane which can only be side (avoided, staggered, dodged).
h) Illusion Twist Kick can use a tiny bit of extra frame advantage on hit and guard or reduce the start up frame by 1 or 2 frames. Since it's a vertical move it has multiple ways to be dodged just like I said at the previous point.
i) Power Mawashi is more useful than Roll Uppercut. Would it be possible to make it an 18 frame move and become a mid thrust?
j) Slap Kick is also a move which has 6 frame advantage on hit and has an 18 frame start-up making it a bit underwhelming. Could it be at least a 16 frame move just like scissor kick?
k) Lets just say Collar Chop cannot even compete with Pushed Back Kick's faster start-up even if it has slightly shorter range. Collar Chop could be either made a mid thrust or keep it high thrust but give it a 20 or 21 frame start up with 9 or 10 frame advantage on both hit and guard.
l) Also there aren't any mid thrusts that are under 18 frames in the back left to right stances. A kick or elbow or punch would be nice there even if it would be short-ranged.
m) Let me just add that there are no stoppers from back to back stances.

There are also some minor things that can be added to the game which could make it more user friendly. Such as:
1. More detailed move description which could be say the direction of the move like 'does it hit from the left or right' (its not always obvious, such as elbow stumble or drunk crane). Adding the jumping avoid sign to Jump Out Elbow and Knee Strike.
2. A spectator mode would be amazing.
3. A better training dummy, just like what street fighter 5 has, but of course optimised for Absolver.

Well I hope some of my points will be taken for consideration when balancing the game. Furthermore, I would like to add that the idea of buffing more than nerfing came from the Youtuber 'Core-A Gaming' who made this video about buffing has better benefits than nerfing.


  • Hi DankPete,

    Wow, that's impressive! Thank you so much for your words of appreciation and your very detailed suggestions on improving game balance. You know that we can't promise that game balance will be changed according to your ideas, but you should know that everything has been passed along to the rest of the team. Your passion and faith are great support and inspiration for us. Feel free to continue sharing your thoughts about Absolver.
  • Nice post I agree with most of this
  • I'm hoping that even if none of this will be added to the game, it gives the developers some ideas for balancing.
  • Cool suggestion and id like most of them. Still ill mention what could go wrong with some of those.

    1cc) dont let a successful manuel dodge cost shards, we dont what to cripple khalt players.

    C) legbreaker has higher range and hits low wich is more viable than high. Dont make it as fast as sidekick or sidekick will become obsolete.

    E) dwit chagi has very high range and is far from being worse than any other stopping move. We should leave it like that or itll clearly become op.

    F) note that bending palm is an alternative to crushing palm and so on. If we make it faster the choice wont have an impact anymore. Rather give bending palm +5 on damage and stamina damage and its good to go. Its already pretty good for breaking stamina or pushing the opponent away.

    I) roll uppercut rly isnt compare able to power mawashi . Still roll uppercut should be more powerful.

    J) all slow jumps still have the problem of initiating to slow to counter fast low. That should be fixed. Otherwise jumps are pretty useless.

    I lile the rest :smile:
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