Boxing Style would be Spectacular!!

Hey Absover crew!!

Absolver is my absolute favorite game!! It's all I play. I've been playing absolver for about 9 months. From the start, and i don't know why really. All I've wanted to do in absolver is Boxing. My suggestion would most definitely be a Boxing style.
I feel like the spectical of boxing would be amazing, and a lot of people would find it enticing. All the decks I've made are great!! I would absolutely love to see more and what could be done with boxing!!




  • what will the ability be of that boxing style tho?
    forsaken is sort of a boxing style :/
  • Hi hkcloudz,

    Thank you so much for being with us for a long time and for your suggestion about adding boxing style to Absolver. We can't promise that such style will be added to the game, but we'll consider your opinion. Do not hesitate to continue sharing your feedback and thoughts about the game.
  • @slcp_WaterfallX
    Thank you for replying.
    Absolver is the best game ever in my opinion!! No matter what I'll always box ;)
    I can't wait to see what Absolver has next in store!!

    Abilities? Well to be honest I can't really think of too many ABILITIES for boxing that the game doesn't already have. If by abilities you mean the stance? I was considering the idea of sways, and rolls. As well as a roll, and counter. I think that would be cool!
  • @slcp_WaterfallX I also am a user of a boxing deck and have been using one since the launch of the game. I can totally agree that adding more real life styles like you guys did with Jeet along with more fictional styles would not hurt AT ALL. It'd really up the amount of immersion between the player and their character and it would even add more lore to the game.

    I know personally that is what attracts to me fighting games and plenty of other people is how immersed they can get into their chosen/created character and adding a boxing style along with others in the future would definitely bring more players and keep old and newer ones.

    From my boxing experience the stance could be a replicate from just a normal boxing stance. Hands up and body angled so your torso isn't as big of a target. The movement animation could be a slight walk/jog with a bounce to it. The blocking animation could just default or both hands up with your head being covered by them.

    The special capabilities could also be more focused on a dash because boxers obviously must be very light on their feet. This dash would be able to get you out and in. When dashing out the animation could be the regular dash or a animation from real boxers, but if you jab your character could lunge back in. The same could go with dashing to the side and also dashing forward. This is a good special because in boxing you create "Angle." The dash idea is good because people seem to hate the dash mechanics so just focus a reworked dash in one particular style.

    Honestly SloClap this a very good idea for you guys to get going because one thing the player base wants is new content and this would be a very welcomed idea to player groups. It would also show that players and the devs could really communicate and actually have a very tight knit community. Then the ideas wouldn't also be on the devs shoulders so much.

    Thank you for all you guys have done and you guys are very talented and it shows with this creative game you guys have made.

  • @HemmGodDJ

    Your ideas are awesome!!
    I completely agree with you about the dash that'd be so sick!!
    You gave some really good input. I especially like the reference to being light on your feet. The balance of speed and power is key. I think a Steve Fox type build would be outrageous lol
    What other punch ideas do you have my guy?
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