Absolvers biggest technical issue / Desync

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Im talking about the desynchronization of the attack animation and the hit.
If i could only change one thing from absolver it would be that and im pretty sure other players feel simular.
Because of the desync youre never sure if you missed the timing of your dodge or timing missed you literally.
Ofc desync increases with higher laggs and we cant prevent laggs completly, but to show the animation at the right time shouldnt be the problem or am i wrong?

Ill add more videos to prove my point how wide spread that problem is.
1 To begin with here is a little but extrem example to how the animation shows i feinted that move but it isnt actually feinted.


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    a longer video to show how big the impact of the desync is in every fight

  • This is literally the main ruin of PvP.
    Good job with those examples buddy :wink:
  • Ty vesuvius.
  • Hi methamos,

    Thank you for posting videos illustrating the issue with "desync". I have passed along all of them to for further review. If there are any other details you can share with us feel free to post them here.

    Thank you so much for your continued support!
  • Ty waterfall, this is really important.
  • Yeah i mostly see desync with higher lag. I don't remember seeing any really, before Downfall. Right after was when I first noticed it. I had a combo that would always miss if my opponent didn't move (spin back fist --> Duster blow --> Forward lean slash. Forward lean slash would always miss but, this was fixed with the patch that added spinning flute swing to wargloves deck, I believe) I think the dev team is handling it well and still working on polishing to make sure there is none or as little as possible with regards to lag

    Also a question: Are desync and lag the same problem? And if not what causes the desync? I think it might be a combination of hitstun and move speed
  • The desync isnt a pure lagg problem. Delay cant be prevented most of the time but the animations could still fit to the actual hit, they shouldnt be able to split no matter what
  • This is a huge game breaking issue at the moment I experience this 70% of matches
  • проблема устранена?
  • еще нет. мы скоро получим обновление но мы не знаем, решит ли это проблему.
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