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3s needs some type of ingame communication. This is still a huge issue. There is no point in trying to queue solo. Because there is no way to communicate with your team I'm still ending up in matches with teammates that dont capture points or waste our entire match running head first into 1v3s or 1v2s. We need a ping or a quick chat or something!

"Capture the point" "Over Here" "Follow me" "I need help"
Or just a simple ping where your standing.


  • Hello tatsujay,

    Thank you for your feedback. There is no voice/text chat option being planned. Emotes are currently the only way to communicate in-game. Players are encouraged to add each other on Steam or to use the official Discord channels to communicate directly.

    Thanks for understanding.
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    theres no issue use PS4 function party chat to talk or Use Discord for PC
  • Hey, but what if they add chat options working like/with party request?You know, someone must accept that he want to enter to conversation, that will leave people with their mistic silence if they want, chat wont be forced, and for people who want to open their own group, they could have chat option by pressing dedicated button. AND, obliviously that means that there will be some forbbiden words, that will be censored
  • Alkadias, it is impractical to build that in game when each of the main gaming platforms have external solutions for the same use case. So for a small team that saves you a ton of implementation and testing before release. Also, think how much easier it is that this works the same way for all users regardless of game? That saves everyone a huge amount of trouble and time.
  • Quick chat is simple it doesnt need to be over complicated. Even games like rocket league even have it.
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    if its for PVP 3v3 it should be possible
    phrases like were they can be selected like a emote
    this would allow players to utilise strategy and game plan in a Team Pvp match

    Gameplan Phrases
    "attack enemy post"
    "flee / regroup"
    "attack enemy's"
    "defend base"
    "follow me"
    "dont follow me"
    "help me"
    "play defensively"
    "play offensively"
    "take over enemy post"
    "defend enemy post"
    "defend our post"
    "attack my enemy"
    "split up and attack"

    positive phrases (needed to raise the moral of team mates)
    "good work
    "thank you"

    negative phrases (needed to bring teams attention to mistakes)

    "this is bad"
    not good"
    "focus on game plan"
    "dont get distracted"
    "wrong move"

    Conclusion (6 point)
    1. This would be Necessary when teamed up with random players
    not PSN/PC friends )

    2. Can be selected instantly combat like a emote menu

    3. The emote menu can be switched out for a Phrase menu in 3v3 team based Pvp

    4. the phrase will appear at the bottom left side of screen

    5.Allow room for strategy and place of focus on teammates mates objectives

    6. The emotes could have a phrase attached with them when a emote is executed
    a message appears on screen like Destiny type Emotes

  • Emote has a Phrase when Emote is played

  • We NEED ingame communication! I cant win a match of 3s anymore so many players DONT KNOW HOW TO CAPTURE!
  • I'm playing with silvers that aren't capturing?!
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