Further thoughts customizable 1v1 map (private 1v1 map)

Here are some options for in the essence shop and some of my ideas for customizable 1v1 maps in Absolver.

-Destination: you could for example buy a fighting area in the woods for 20.000 fragments or maybe somewhere in the mountains for 30.000 fragments or even in the fold for 50.000 fragments.

-Light sources: candles spread around your map for 7.500 fragments or maybe even a chandelier for 17.500 fragments.

-Floors, ceilings and walls: wood (free) and gold (30.000 fragments) for example.

-Decorations: maybe a mask holder where you could put 3 masks on, chairs, desks or even a weapon holder.

-School: School flag stand for 5.000 fragments, school altar for 10.000 fragments.

More ideas:

-Seasonal rewards that you only get by participating in the school challenges that you can use in your private map will stimulate the people to play more school challenges. (Season 5 reward top 50 school: Light source - Red glowing chandeliers).

-Seasonal map items that can only be bought in the essence shop.

Maybe this is too much to ask for but I'm happy to share my thoughts about the game.


  • Maybe for some items you need to have a certain level or combat trial level to get it.
  • Greetings Unknown_Player,

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll pass these along to the rest of the team. While I can't promise any of it will make it into the game, we do want to make sure we review all player feedback and suggestions to stay focused on adding/change things to the game that the community wants.

    Thank you once again for your support! :smile:
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