Co-op Downfall queue glitch

Ive had this happen under the same circumstances a couple times, the way this happens was when someone requested co-op, I accepted and they queued up for 3 player downfall. Getting up from the altar without pressing the "cancel" button on the UI is what causes it



  • Forgot to mention this is on PC/steam
  • Greetings StartlingPoppy2,

    We're sorry to hear you've run into some glitch. I will be passing this report along for further review. In the meantime, if there are any other details you can share with us about the issue that would be very helpful.

    Thank you so much for your patience, we apologize for any frustration this issue may have caused.
  • No problem at all, i really love this game so i dont mind reporting bugs. I was client both times this happened, going to a different zone wasn't a loophole to a quick fix uhh, sorry i wish i had more info to give. i dont think dying is a loophole either you have to restart the game. I'm not sure if the host was affected as well because it was just a random player
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