I was disappointed with the dungeons.

Look, I know procedural generation has a definition and you guys fulfilled that, but I feel like what you put out was very simple compared to what is normally expected of the mechanic.

Firstly there is very little change from dungeon to dungeon, you usually see the same rooms at least once per run, even if in a different order. There are a few exceptions in the mines section, but generally the cavern temple and fold are carbon copy every time.

The enemies are pretty samey too, and I think we all would like some more diverse npcs to fight like in the game world.

Most procedurally generated dungeon crawlers have some sort of puzzle element that encourages exploration of the area. Bloodborne for instance has a very very simple repetitive puzzle that never failed to be interesting. Each floor had a central room connected to lots of smaller rooms. These rooms might connect to each other, go nowhere at all, lead to some loot, have a particularly challenging group of enemies etc, and the goal was to find a lever somewhere, with no map or guides, which would open the floor boss room.

Traps are basically limited to "there's no floor anymore" and "there's an annoying wall there now" It might be interesting to have some moving elements to the dungeons, and maybe even traps that are more diverse as well, shifting floors, hanging maces or swinging axes, wrong levers, things of that sort.

Randomized bosses. You guys have like twelve of them ready to go already, maybe more if you count the gold health minibosses.

The story centric thing is fine, but a non story mode, with a diverse dungeon, maybe different levels of difficulty, even an endless mode where you keep going in where you left off and when you die that's the end, gets harder as you go, but there are more rewards scattered around etc.

Loot. There is no reason for anyone to keep playing the dungeons after gleam level 10. You always know exactly how much loot you will get and where, (100 frg in mines, 200 in temple, 500 in fold, always in a chest which spawns in one of two or three "chest rooms" per floor.

You get way more out of pvp, so this add on is little more than a thirty hour distraction with unlockables...

I don't mean to be too critical. I love the game, and hearing these dungeons were coming was super exciting to me. After seeing they were really barebones, and just seemed to introduce a little more story content (which is appreciated btw, love this games lore) I was a little disappointed. Please rework the dungeons into something with more replayability. Multiplayer is hella fun, but this game would be much more complete with a fully engaging solo experience too.


  • Greetings Fallingblackfeathers,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Dungeon! I'll be bringing your ideas to the team, however I can't promise that they'll be implemented. Please continue to do that; we need your feedback.

    Thanks again for your support. :smile:
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