About Khalt

After the Downfall changes, it surprise me that i dont see many people trying khalt, the new shield power and resiliance mechanic make it really fun to play especially to build resiliance to counter hard. I want to know what the community thinks about khalt now?

Obs: It is just me or its too dificult to absorve twice or three times in a row? It is useful to build resiliance.


  • I also enjoy the Khalt resilience mechanic but I'm not 100% sure how it works. How can I find out my base resilience? Also I agree that absorbing doubles is freaking tough, I much prefer to just power through the second hit.
  • It have 3 levels, and each move has a level of impact. So if you have at least one level above the hit you will not be interrupted.
  • i play khalt since day one, and i can tell you that right now khalt is the weakest class in the game, easy to start but in the hight lvl it's not good enouph specially against a top tier Forsaken, simply Khalt will never win anny tournament until they change something.
    Resiliance was a good idea but the problem is that they increased the frame recovery after absorves from 4 to 6 frames, you are taking to long to get your ghost healt back after a absorb and more then 70% of the atts are medium power so you need lvl 2 resiliance to stop it wich will be super rare since each point will only last 1,5 sec.
    i believe a good way to balance khalt again is to increase the atts that are weak and you should lose only half of the healt(damage of the oppont att) when you sucess a absorb to ghost healt.
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