Attack Properties Breakdown Please

I am still new to the game so I do not have a concrete understanding of the unique interactions of each attack. I am well aware of some basic things like the movement, target, etc. But I am unaware of how they interact with abilities. I would like some explanation detailing the exact moves that are countered. e.g. Absorb works on everything except for guard breaks. What I don't know is that does Stopping attacks also get through? Forsaken parry most attacks. Which attack do they specifically can't parry? Low attacks and thrust (not left or right)?

From what I can tell, every move has four characteristics. Movement type (vertical, thrust, horizontal), targetted body part (high, low, mid), properties (charging, ducking, parrying, etc.), and direction (left, right, center). There has never been an actual piece of text that objectively lists down all the interactions.

Can I request an official list of which combination of properties can an ability fail to work on? Like this format:
[Style]: Fails against [Movement][Target][Properties][Direction], [Movement][Target][Properties][Direction], & [Movement][Target][Properties][Direction]
Like Forsaken: [Thrust][Mid][Any][Center], etc.

I would really appreciate an actual breakdown.


  • With so many vague statements and descriptions regarding each style, you can see how noobs like me would have a hard time properly mapping out the interactions. I would like an actual piece of text to refer back to whenever designing a deck.
  • Yo ho,
    So the very Basics:
    1. All Moves:

    -You can look up the start up frames and other details in the deck editor when choosing a move and activating
    the details.

    -All moves have a start up time messured in frames. 10 fastest - 23 slowest

    -All moves have a range on wich theyll definitly connect if you opponents doesnt counter them.
    movement can only avoid when leaving the range.

    -All moves Have a frame advantage on block and hit while block is almost always lower and can even be negative,
    in general these block-/hitstun frames are a small stun to your opponent in wich they cant do anything.

    -All moves Can be gold linked. When you time them right, the gold link will cause your next attack to go of
    3,5frames faster
    For example: you hit his block with 0 blockstun and gold-link into an attack with 13 frames but he tries to counter
    with a 10 frame fast jab, you will win and hit him 0,5 frames before he could.

    -All moves have a normal damage ofc but although a stamina damage wich is obv. important to break the block.
    -All moves need some love even collar chop and bounce knee

    2. Charge Moves (white glowing):

    - wont be interrupted by one single normal attack no matter how heavy it is.
    -will be interrupted by the red glowing stopping moves, by guard breaks (yellow glow) and by 2 hits in general
    so double hits and 2 consecutive fast attacks will both interrupt them.

    -Charge moves have good tracking, that means you have to dodge them close before they hit to avoid them.
    -They are very slow and do mediocre damage
    -They have mid to high stamina damage
    -all charged moves are thrusts or vertical attacks so they can be side-avoided
    -add a solid amount of salt to your opponents mood

    3. Stopping moves (red glowing):

    -can interrupt charged moves
    -have good blockstun in general
    -have very good stamina damage
    -have normal to fast speed
    -are all thrusts and can be side.avoided
    -have less damage than other attacks of the same speed
    -have good to very good range

    -the slow stopping move knock the enemie far away so they good to disengage or set up a heavy hit
    - look fking awesome

    4. Guard breaks (yellow glow)

    -are essential to 99% of advanced combat styles
    -break khalt's absorb, charged attacks, earth quake armor, shield, exhaust absorb and probably 10%
    of your opponents brain cells
    -deal insane stamina damage
    -have good to very good damage
    -have solid range
    -have insane block stun and very good hitstun

    -are very slow
    -relatively easy to avoid except plexus elbow that one is a steering missle

    5. Evasive moves (the ones with the arrows)
    -obvsly avoid sideways upwards or downwards to dodge their counter part.
    -the dodge frames are often at the beginning of the move so its supposed to be used as an reaction
    to the attack you want to avoid.
    -are slow
    -low to mediocre damage
    -low block stun, good hitstun
    -relativly good stamina damage
    -most often good range
    -relativly good tracking
    -make you a kung fu master

    6. Double hit attacks
    -interupt charge attacks
    -relative low damage
    -mediocre hitstun
    -bad blockstun
    -normal stamina damage
    -a bit harder to avoid or absorb with khalt and much harder to avoid with stagger
    -some are evasive moves in addition to double hits
    -look very unpractical

    7.Parry moves
    -parry some frames long to one side of your character to applie the hit
    -medicre to low damage
    -normal to slow speed
    -low to insanely good hit-and blockstun
    -dont use parry&strike its only a slower thrust with less damage and doesnt even parry low
    parry and strike was so strong and annoying that it got nerfed beyond the abyss

    8.Special Things
    - all thrusts hit the stagger back dodge
    - wallop blow has a small ducking frame where it can avoid high attacks
    -knee strike has a small jumping frame at the end wich avoids low attacks... not that it matters
    - jumped out elbow avoids low attacks when you start it a bit earlier (very usefull)
    -grab punch can be backdodge with stagger even so its a high thrust (as a stagger main im glad every time)

    I hope my little moveguide could help you too. :)
  • Ill give some in addition to my basic move guide.

    -forsaken can parry EVERYTHING but you can feint into a fast attack to apply damage after their parry.

    -kahlt if timed right works on everything but guards breaks, double hits need double absorb.

    -khalt gets up to 3frame advantage after absorbing

    -forsaken can confirm a hit of up to 14frames after parrying.

    -windfall can confirm fast hits after avoids too and even slower hits after avoiding heavy attacks

    -feajin and stagger backdodges are countered by thrusts.

    -stagger front charge is a normal mid hitting about 16 frames charge attack

    -faejin front thrust is a stopping move

    Ok most obvsly. High attack are avoided with ducking, low attack with jumping, all thrusts and vertical attacks can be avoided sideways and just to complete this list.:
    -high range attacks are better to track down back jump bonobos, especially highrange sweeps.
  • Nice. This is very good information
  • youre wellcome :blush:
  • Very well put together.
    Your work supporting this game with your thoughtful feedback, and concise, helpful information like this are to be applauded.
    Thank you methamos.
  • thanks :) feel free to share it to anyone who needs it
  • This was incredibly descriptive. Thank you. Can I ask a few questions?
    They are true or false so you can easily answer even if lazy.
    1) Forsaken's ability can counter thrusts or vertical attacks
    2) Forsaken can counter every single property right? e.g. stopping, charging, guard breaking, etc.
    3) Khalt and Forsaken do not have any difference in effectiveness against targeted areas right? e.g. they block high, mid, and low attacks the same way.

    Are there any specific direction and movement that faejin cannot counter? Like, do they work against thrust and verticals?
  • 1) -3) is true.

    Faejin parrys are almost the same as forsaken . Only the punish is much smaller, but faejin isn't as easy to punish if they parry wrong because their counterhit follow fast. BUT if you have a forsaken faejin matchup, forsaken can feint, parry the faejin hit and punish for about 100 damage. The other styles can counter faejin a bit too but much less effective imo.

    Faejin although has a pure low parry after wich they can apply a fast hit. Im not sure but I think its up to 12frames if not less. The low parry is incredibly difficult and not effective.

    As said only the backdodge of faejin is countered by thrusts as far as I know.
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