2 player local split screen

Please give me this game with 2 player local split screen. I love borderlands with the coop mode. You can do it too. Thanks


  • Local vs mode would be nice too. I just want to play with friends and family if possible
  • it would work in games with 2 man co op in splinter Cell games both players got their own screens and playing on same console with 2 pads good idea for local play
  • local play split screen EXAMPLE

  • It would be great if this could be done. With the lack of a strong community and limited communication functions, any online relationships with people found online are pretty hard to establish. I can attest to how so much more enjoyable it is to play with a friend you know in real life. One of my friends is part of a group of cousins playing on their consoles. Co-op split screen objectively will improve the enjoyability tenfold.
  • Two ideas: Split screen vs and split screen co-op survival
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