Accupressure/ pressure point-centric fighting style.

If any ABsover developers see this I just want to say that I truly believe in your vision of this game and I hope for the best that thei game will one day gain mainstream attention. The fighting system is so innovative that I refuse to believe that the game has already plateaued. Keep up the good work and please don't stop making fighting styles. I have a suggestion that would really make me happy if it was implemented.

I have a suggestion for a new fighting style that centralizes around the pressure points used in Wing Chun Dim Mak and some variants of Kung Fu. When translated to the game, it can serve to lightly debuff an opponent. I honestly want some representation of Wing Chun. Plus, the phoenix knuckles used in these techniques would be awesome to see on screen (look up phoenix knuckles). Think of it as a variation of Ty Lee's abilities in Avatar. The mechanics that I am suggesting sound complicated but I have faith that the Absolver community and developers could suggest ways to either better simplify or rework these mechanics.

My idea is that you can use the ability to "disable" by pressing an ability button alongside the correct direction of an incoming attack like with Fae jin's ability. The idea is to pull off a streak of 3 consecutive disables. When used consecutively, each level of disabling would stack their effects. A successful medium/high attack from the enemy will set the debuffs back to 0. The first successful hit will reduce the speed of the enemy attack by 5%-10%. The second successful hit will reduce the damage of moves by 5%-10%. The effects are localized to their specific limbs. Only the attacks that use the disabled limb would be affected. e.g. disabling the left arm would only affect moves like a left hook.

The third successful hit will fully "disable" the specific limb that was used. This means that everytime the opponent uses a move that uses the disabled limb, the combo will stop right after. For an example, an opponent's deck involves a punch, then a leg sweep (right leg is the attacking limb) and followed by a haymaker. If the right leg was disabled, the combo ends after the leg sweep and the haymaker is not performed. This should disrupt the enemy if they are not prepared as their usual and comfortable flow is then challenged. This opponent must adapt by changing strategies.



  • Hello brightdragon,

    Thank you so much for your words of faith! We really appreciate your idea about a new style and its ability. I have passed along your suggestion to the rest of the team though we can't promise that it will be implemented in the game. Feel free to develop your idea further or share any other thoughts related to Absolver.
  • Hi,
    Thank you for acknowledging the suggestion. I had more suggestions to add but it seems to me that whatever program you are using to weed out spam is preventing me from posting a follow-up. Can you help me out?
  • Hi,
    Thank you for acknowledging the suggestion. The fear that the existence of this suggestion forum is superfluous is now dealt with. IN case you wondered, I promise not to be a vindictive fan who would be crushed if the idea doesn't pan out. I totally get it.

    I do have another set of alterations to the idea. Maybe it is a lot more intuitive to simplify the Tier 3 disable. If it makes it any simpler, just disable the specific move that is being performed at the time of the ability. That would be a lot easier to understand but that would sacrifice some of the complexity that the high tier players would love to sink their teeth into.

    Secondly, I think that the idea of breaking the disable debuffs using a heavy attack is kind of weird. It doesn't make sense to use a physically exertive move to shake off a paralyzing effect. Nope. But I am not a fan of making it wear off after a certain amount of time. That might incentivize people to just run away in circles just to reset. That would be a poor design choice. Maybe the debuff could instead be removed by successfully performing the other styles' unique skills. A successful Windfall dodge or a Khalt absorb could knock down one disable level e.g. a tier 3 disable (disable move) into a tier 2 disable (attack debuff). I'd like to think that a tug of war would happen where an enemy would flash between levels every 5-10 seconds which could turn out pretty dynamic.

    The things that Disable affects can be many other mechanics as well. Perhaps it can tighten the gold link window. Maybe it can lower stamina regeneration speed. Maybe even remove the opponent's unique skills and moves (e.g. counter) for 5 seconds.

    I have an idea for the animations. You can probably use visual and audio cues to indicate disabled moves. A sound cue for weakened attacks and a sound for a successful disable. I also think that using effects similar to the shadow-esk animations (but white in colour) of faints would look cool as a representation of an absolver landing a pressure point on the enemy. This article comes with a short description and an image of the utilized finger position used to form the phoenix knuckle. I hope the article sells the sexiness of this concept.

    You don't have to say anything but as an initial impression on my suggestion, do you find my idea interesting/promising? I promise that I won't hold you to any opinions you share. It would just kind of make my day that a team of programmers that made such an intriguing game would see some value in my idea and that I could at least help just a little. :)

    P.S. If I am pushing too hard, dude, tell me. Without a reality check, I might just keep writing novels after novels. LOL. Thanks again.
  • Hey brightdragon,

    Thanks for continuing detailing your idea. I can't tell for all the team how promising is your suggestion, but we appreciate well-thought-out ideas with details. Thank you so much for your time and efforts to share your thoughts about adding new features and improvements to the game.
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    Please consider watching this clip of Ip Man 2 at the 7:32 time stamp. This demonstrates some interesting moves that can be used. You can even shift the effectiveness of the ability by making the effects more powerful but it no longer can be done on kicking moves. In addition, perhaps you could allocate certain debuffing effect depending on the move. Disabling upper-body moves lowers arm-based damage and attack speed, disabling lower-body moves lowers leg-based damage and movement speed. Perhaps one of the 3 moves at 7:58 will "daze" the enemy which translates to increased difficulty in gold linking or even a slight delay between button input and the associated action.
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