Offensive? Or Defensive? In regards to shards.

In regards to shards do you guys play offensively? (Sharp Impact, Gravity, Exhaust, Earthquake)

Or defensively? (Heal, Unbreakable, Shockwave, Shield, Silence, Snatcher, Shadow Avoid)

I always take Heal and Silence but at this point I think I’m better off using the offensive stuff. Everyone is using them and silence doesn’t usually do enough to stop. Sharp Impact might as well be the same as whiping out a sword.. Which honestly irritates me. I’m about to just start playing to win no matter what I guess :/


  • yo,
    first id say earthquake is mostly defensive because its used to interrupt the opponents combo most of the time.
    Although snatcher cant be cast as an interrupt while defending but to keep the opponent close or to get a weapon so id count snatcher to offensive.

    I use exhaust only. Its just fun to use because it works like the khalt ability wich can be a cool addition to other combat styles like stagger in my case.
  • I actually put EQ as offensive cuz everyone’s just been using it to get an ez confirm. Basically, it’s being used offensively just to get in a strong ass attack like Jump Out Elbow or something. It needs a nerf so it can go back to being defensive.

    Snatcher being offensive, however, I can definitely see. Depends on the situation I guess. I was talking from the perspective of defending against people who whip out swords.

    I’m currently using Unbreakable and Sharp Impact cuz fuck it.
  • if we say everything used to confirm hits is offensive than we can add shadow avoid, earth quake and unbreakable to offensive
  • I use Shock-wave offensively; I just burn through my stamina then Shock at the end of my combo to prevent retaliation.
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