Befor and after downfall.

Just want to hear your thoughts on the state of absolver after downfall. Specifically in combat trials. Do you like how pvp plays more or less after the update? What about changes to styles, powers and manual dodge?

The game to me felt totally different after the update. My initial thoughts were that it seemed much slower and less fluid. Gold linking was a bit tricky to get the hang of at first, but after getting used to it, it’s pretty easy again. I’m a forsaken user and even though they only made a minor change to the parried duration, the style just feels different to me. A little sluggish in my opinion. I get why they made alot of these changes but others not so much.

I do love this game though and have since it launched. I just think I prefer the way the combat felt and played before downfall. Obviously I can’t change this and will just have to enjoy the game as it is, but i just wanted to share my thoughts.

Please share your opinions.


  • After playing 1v1’s quite a lot after the update, I can say I am getting used to the way it feels now and I see the advantages of the changes made.
  • i like the speed change now after now liking it at first, but there are some serious balance issues with certain powers and also manual dodge.
    If EQ spam and manual dodge were tweaked i'd be pretty content with the rest.
  • Thanks for your input. I agree Eq and manual dodge could use some tweaking. Ive been wondering lately why you are able to activate EQ while being hit. :/ too often I’m hitting an opponent with a combo and they just activate it. I can’t do that with shockwave it seems.
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