Defensive Win Condition

Parrying is extremely difficult in this game and I don't feel It's rewarding enough to justify using it.

It would be interesting if you could gain a defensive counter for every successful parry. And if you land 10 parries in a row you would either win the fight or at least paralyze your opponent partially, like a chakra system. So immobilizing their legs so they can't dash, or their fist so they can't pull off their desired combo. Attacking before reaching 10 counters would result in the counters to slowly deplete until a new parry is landed or they reach zero.

It's just an idea, but I feel it would help out with the currently aggressive meta in the game.


  • How can you win a fight without beating your opponent?

    The parry window of response needs to be longer to give you more time to punish, that's all I think it needs.
  • Parrying gives the defender a big enough window to stop the attacks and begin theirs.
    Giving more defensive benefits and this game will become a turtle show.Parry or dodging is not an easy task but it rewards you well. Keep practicing!
  • Yeah, last thing Absolver needs is a turtle meta where free, safe damage is granted from defense.

    We've all seen what that can lead to.
  • From what I've seen and heard, the consensus of high level players is that Forsaken Parry is the strongest defensive move in the game because it's only two directions and is very punishing. Some people think either Windfall needs a buff or Forsaken needs a nerf as is. It doesn't need to be stronger.
  • Im a windfall school master and im thinking about creating a new char that use forsaken ability. Not sure if it really easier to land a counter, but it feels like it is more rewarding. Would be interesting to hear from some Forsaken masters too.
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    I personally find Windfall dodging a lot harder than Forsaken parrying. I've only played about a little bit with both but parrying came very naturally while Windfall was just painful to try and unlock it lol. I think it helps that parrying is just right and left while dodging you need to look out for high and low as well. Also the window for dodging seems a bit fussy. For me the reward felt about the same didn't really notice any major difference personally.
  • I have unlocked all of the fighting stances now, and Windfall was by far the most infuirating to land. You might get the dodge off and evade the attack, but if you do it at the wrong time, you a) don't get the experience towards learning it permanetly, b) do not get the stamina boost.

    I love Khalt and the Absorb method, but the window of success is not reflected in the blue glow, making it deceptively short and easy to screw up. If they increased the window a little, it would be way more usable in my eyes.
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    Forsaken has the best and easiest defense ability in the game, what is this nonsense about it being extremely difficult? I think it should be harder, Forsaken should have to worry about high and low attacks like everyone else, not just parry left and right. Have you played For Honor, theres a very good reason this game leaned toward an aggressive meta and not a turtle meta.
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