5th Marked one is slight BS

She is by no means impossible, and I have also beaten her plenty of times since the update, I just hate how as soon as you can use shards she locks them out. I think she should have a cool down window where it isn't up for her to spam as soon as its gone off. Yes I know its meant to punish defensive players, and if you just stand close to her she'll likely won't use it but it is super annoying how its always there. I was fine with it until i had to face THREE of her plus her other TWO goons, it is near impossible to beat alone, should also fix that bug where more than one spawns, been a problem since the game came out. Two hard, three BULL!


  • There's a LOT of space there. Use it.
  • If there are 3 then back out. Also you can lock her shards first
  • There's a LOT of space there. Use it.

    Lol do you not have an english class to teach some where else?
  • Dormek is a stamina game. Concentrate on her goons and keep distance from her. She will interrupt and stun you all she can. Once her goons are down go in for the kill. Again, watch that stamina game. Good luck!
  • Jwanso, an argument is an argument, but trying to insult someone in a completely irrelevant matter? Childash ivf i du sahy mi selv. Az I a quwhite gud at grmmer (last part is a joke...)
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