Downfall gameplay is not very rewarding

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I did enjoy the heck out of downfall, but i noticed that after you reach level 10 in gleam and have collected all the moves, there is no reason as for a player to go into this game mode. Bosses offer no rewards, beating the dungeon also offers no other reward and enemies do not have any drops. The only thing you get is the occasional chest in a room or two. Farming got enhanced in the overworld but the game mode that needed it most is currently missing it.

My suggestion?
Rift coins when you beat the dungeon are simple and nice enough.
It'd also help to have more randomized enemies with random drops. This for sure would make the dungeon more fun to get back into again.



  • Oh yeah youre right there! how about one random rare item for each time you beat arcell? and less rare ones for the other bosses.
  • Loot drops would be nice
  • Greetings SteeledFlint,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We appreciate that you share your thoughts and your game experience. I can't promise that they'll be implemented, but I'll be sharing your ideas to the team. Please continue to do that; we need your feedback.

    Thanks again for your support! :smile:
  • He's rite. after you max out on gleam the only reason to go back in there is to learn the moves and get the fragment chests. After collecting the final fragment chest there's no need to stick around anymore and help the team complete the rest of the dungeon. This needs to be fixed. occasional drops from enemies and a reward of sum type for the boss.
  • Boss rewards you don't start getting until your gleam is maxed out. and drops from enemies regardless.
  • Yes more loot drops and boss rewards please!

    Also more "dungeons" in the future
  • Monthly gear sets would be pretty amazing tbh, then there wouldnt be so many people wearing the same stuff so often (ps4)
  • Like take gleam cap up and further the gleam reward system, maybe add some new dungeon tasks instead of the same three over an over. Ive got 600+ hours doing the same thing over an over for the last year so im fine with it all in the future lol
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