Feijin style moves are ridiculous

The parry timing isn't working, at all. They just stunlock me into corners and I can't dodge a thing. Idk if it's de-sync or what but this is bullshit.


  • Party timing works just fine. Sounds like ur still learning it.

    Try using it after a forward strike like eye poke...it's str8 up Bruce Lee game of death.
  • Also watch the timing closely, I use Windfall and it took me a bit to notice that a lot of Faejin moves have slight delays on the impact timing. Like a slight feint just before it lands. That might be messing with you a bit. The latest update makes the style defensives just a touch tighter it seems as well. Give it some time, you should get it back.
  • No no no, I mean the game literally cannot keep up with the style and moves. The de-sync is terrible, the game fails to recognize the hesitation in a lot of the feijin moves and I get hit before the animation, but only with feijin style moves, no other moves are doing this.
  • Like I said below, the parry timing is not okay. At least not on the servers I'm playing. The animations look as if they're hitting me almost a half second after I actually take the hits.
  • Yeah ok I know what ya mean.

    Can be spotty connects.

    U hard wired or wireless?
  • Hard-wired. And I check my connection every day before playing anything. It's never flawless, but it's usually somewhere around 38-52mbps/download and 25-40mbps upload.
  • That's solid. Happens consistently? What state or time zone u in or country?

    I notice it like 4-5 times a session here in SoCal.
  • wait wait wait... if your download is only 38-52 mbps your definitely experiencing some latency issues. I have 100mb down and I get lag all the time especially in 3v3s
  • I'm in Jersey. I've been looking around and it seems like a lot of people are having problems on ps4. Which is where I play.
  • No other games are running this badly. MGO3 and Battlefield series always run fine, almost no lag even where there is any.
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    Absolver has unique servers that dont seem to handle the peer to peer latency as well as other titles. I also experience the same issues only with Absolver and NBA 2k. My speed is
    100 down and 15 upload
  • It's worth noting that bandwidth has a marginal effect on input sync as the data stream itself is actually quite small. The real issue is endpoint latency. That is much more subtle and with the no net neutrality to protect you ISPs can nerf your connection latency in order to slow your traffic. This is called 'traffic shaping' in the business and poses a serious risk to indie games like Absolver. So I think it would be wise to collect ping and traceroute numbers for people on various ISPs to see if we find a common thread.
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