Daggers - New Weapon

Daggers would occupy a middle ground between swords and wargloves and are used in pairs. Different variations of weapons that can be used in pairs with this class include the following: Sai (blade), Kama (blade), Short Axe (blade), Kunai (piercing), Tonfa (blunt), Nunchuck (blunt), Double Hammers (blunt), and Judges Pens (piercing).


  • Hey soldiers_fortune,

    Another cool idea, thank you! I've passed along your suggestion about adding daggers to the rest of the Team, though I can't promise it will be added to Absolver. Anyway, we appreciate that you share your ideas with us and community, feel free to continue doing that!
  • hi ive suggested
    =great swords which are double handed swords are slow but do high impact damage to a opponent when blocking. They are slow but powerful
    =spears have long range but low damage
    = rapiers fast close range weapon with low damage

  • They wanted to add staves to the game but due to restraints and complexity they had to stop. I do not think adding even more weapons will be a viable idea until they can get some more experience and funding.
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