Healing After a victory

The heal you recieve after fighting and killing someone in a duel should either be increased or heal you to full. The way the game is set up right now, the first one to loose a round will start the rest of his fights with less to health than his opponent. At the end of every fight, the victor should be healed fully. At the start of every match, both players are full health.


  • No disrespect but... why? I think carrying health between rounds makes the fight more interesting and it makes more sense in the context of having shards carry-over.
  • You might be caring too hard about it to be blunt.

    Focus on ur deck flow and how it allows you to defend in spots.

    Heal got nerfed already & is quite legit.
  • I agree with pblead. Frankly having health or not having health changes how you have to fight during each round, since sacrificing a bit of health is apart of combat in the game. If you are in a match with an evenly skilled opponent, which times you die, DEFINITELY impacts one player heavily in a negative way.

    What's worse, there is no viable healing ability anymore, since you have to be monumentally better than your opponent to get more than a sliver of health back.

    I don't even use the heal ability. It's a waste of time. The devs have clearly decided in favor of the dark souls age purists who are still saying any healing in a fighting game is cheap. Meanwhile, they continue to use swords, guard breaking attacks, stuns, stamina debuffs, and attack buffs, which also give an advantage, just like every other ability.

    The hypocrisy of shunning healers is astoundingly unfair. I personally have no problem with anyone using any ability at all. But frankly, if you use shards, you have nothing to complain about.

    My point is, gaming purists will always decide what's fair and unfair as it suits them. There's no reason to buckle to the loudest majority if their best argument is a pointed finger and the words "Unfair! Unfair!"

    To me what determines what is fair or not is whether or not the game gives you a way around it. Health is definitely something where all of our options have been closed off, and therefore, I do see how it functions in 1v1's to be objectively imbalanced.
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