I want a answer for 2 things from Sloclap.

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Was Stagger meant to gain stamina now on dodges?
And did you touch the Manual Dodge i-frames or something related to helping it i-frame more consistently?

I've had many matches now of people just manually dodging and there's literally nothing I can do, I can do horizontals but they just I-frame through it so damn consistently I honestly think something was changed, that I have to stop it by slamming them with Gravity. But that's a shard ability. Delaying my attacks seem to just not even matter, as is gold linking. It just seems like this is 1.06 all over again.
It's becoming me chasing them, but me approaching has more risks than them waiting.


  • the changes to manual dodge definitely need tweaking. Its clearly not balanced when windfall players are choosing to use it over their class ability as much as they are now.
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