The Style that is related to faejin and could come after that

Since Faejin is indeed inspired by Jeet kun do, it could happen that a Wing chun inspired style of combat comes along, because jeet kun do is just a more developed form of wing chun and not the watch form as master ip has been taught.

The most famous are wing chun styles:


Among the lesser known styles are:

-Yuen-Chai-Wan-Stil (Nguyen Te-Cong)

I would be very happy and certainly a lot of other players in the community if the original form of Wing chun would find its way into the game :)

best regards

Tasgarn :)


  • y wing chun looks cool. But damn those guys in the videos have to train with harder contact, a strong straight punch would go right through that.
  • yes I hope with the faejin styles are the chain fist bumps because they are a fundamental technique that the wing chun is characterized as Jeet kun do is just an upgraded version of the style you have to be there :)
  • I like it. Very quick attacks that do little damage but add up. How about just normal boxing. It could focus on punches with a few body focused power punches that take stamina away from your opponent
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