Would it be possible to take a play out of the Dark Souls playbook and introduce Poise?

For those that don't know, the Poise stat dictates how much damage you can take before you're staggered.
Maybe scale it with Will (an under-utilized stat) and Armor. That way gear would be more relevant and people wouldn't be able to stagger heavily armored opponents as easily. Maybe give Kahlt an inherent Poise bonus to increase the styles appeal; it certainly makes a lot of sense for the class.

If you're really feeling fancy you could have Poise diminish with Stamina, that way players are more wary to just blast through the stamina bars (again, stemming spam) in order to maintain a fair amount of Poise. Get super tired and you stagger easier, (shrug) makes sense to me.


  • That's a really cool idea. It would make guard break moves more effective. You could have certain moves target poise specifically, like high momentum punches and kicks. But the staggered penalty can't be too extreme, it should definitely be able to influence the outcome of the match, but it shouldn't be too great until you're around 30% of your stamina, maybe.
    But it could be a good way to get rid of the combo spamming double hollows.
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    This is a really fu*king good idea I think it would add a ton more depth to what I have say is one deepest fighting games about
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    Is it just me or has a mechanic that seems to function like poise now in the game? The only difference being instead of staggering it seems to be tied to move, block or dodge.

    While receiving or directly after receiving a hit.
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