can't figure pvp out what am I doing wrong

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so heyy
i've had absolver since may 11th of this year and played 44 hours so far and i just can't get better.
It feels way longer than that, even though I had it uninstalled for a little while, and now i've been really trying to get into it because i love the concept and design. but I just can't figure pvp out. I win like one in what, 10 - 15 matches? And most times when I lose I don't lose a balanced fight with 3:2 or something but 3:0 getting the shit spammed out of me with powerful attacks that I can find no way of interrupting. When I dodge or interrupt I can't manage to really punish. I feel super slow AND weak AND not well armored/ hp'd up enough. But I've watched a whole bunch of youtube videos now and read in forums in order to get it right and get better, so all the obvious mechanics I assure you I know, wether it's deck building or goldlinking or whatever. And i spent a lot of time on my decks. Redistributed my stats twice. And i'm not retarded, my mom had me checked. so wtf?


  • Well
    -you are windfall
    -44h in game total
    -knowledge about goldlinking and deckbulding


    1) i will be glad to see your combat deck.. just to have some vision or try to find some weak spots

    2) you must be prepare for almost every posibility, you dont know your enemy but it takes only 1 round to know how his/her starting moves and thats more than enoth to counter your enemy. Alternative low dodge attack/high dodge/charge etc could be usefull.

    3) don't blame others that they have spam/fast decks, this game is one big mindgame, really fast one, ypu have so many ways to counter so much tactics that if you notice pattern of your foe- you will win!
    F.e: enemy use 1 strike to counter your combo: (jumped Light kick f.e) and Then perform his own: you must learn his first 2 moves after that.. and 2 strike must be pulled back to him. It should be easy when he use it quite often.

    4)you can't beat Them?
    Join them!
    Fast strike-> another-> ano...FAINT ->devastating alternative... or continue your fast combo
    (But remember deckbulding stategy- fast but other directions)
    I have fast deck with an averange of 105 dmg. Its possible for my meaning of "fast deck"

    So: let us see your deck, we will help you with pleasure.

    Ps. My 273h in this game should be nice recomendation of my words ^ ^
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    Okay, thanks for replying. I'll post screenshots of my stats too. I didn't blame any one im saying spammed because it goes so fast and i can't interrupt it but i should have said "beaten up" lol. this is NOT a complaint about anything the game seems well balanced to me
    edit: I usually wear even lighter shoes than the fang li nobel ones I don't know why I had these on just now

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    Fellow Absolver your deck is as usefull as deadpools skin is healthy.

    you may try this beginner deck i made for a new absolver
    if youre on pc and would like a more experienced deck you can although join my school and use its deck
    Id is: #IWD (i want donuts)

    If you insist on making your own decks id recommend you keep some rules in mind:

    1: you can always use 2 different attacks at each time,
    1.1: one of them should be able to hit ducking moves
    1.2: most of the time one should be horizontal (at least 70% of the time)

    2: look up the hitstuns and blockstuns of each move to know how fast the following attack can be.
    most of the time 1 of your 2 moves shouldnt use more frames than 14+blockstun of your last move.
    !!!some moves have negative blockstun

    so far the basics.

    Id recommend to start your deck only with the the starting moves and that you try to follow most of the rules

    one more thing. get vitality up to at least 16 and 24 endurance is enough because youll only get one point afterwards wich is less than 0,5% so not worth it
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    haha yeah i figured it was something like that because my moves are too slow but where do I look up those hit stuns/ block stuns? Why does no youtube guide talk about that? sigh. they should be openly visible somewhere in the game shouldn't they
    This is only my current deck I made it today, I've really tried out plenty of things maybe i've had better ones but I did never know those rules except for the horizontal move which is obvious. What exactly do you mean by always being able to use 2 different attacks at each time?
    thanks a lot to every one, as I said i didn't expect positive feedback on any of my stuff since I lose so hard all the time
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    they are viable. go to the deck editor. select a move. at the bottom of the stats of this move should be a key. press that one to view the advanced stats

    2 dif. attacks mean that no matter in wich stance or part of a combo you are, you can always press primary or secondary attack and those two options should complement each other. otherwise your opponent can counter both options savely and doesnt have to react on what you do

    np i hope you find your way into the game :)
  • okay thanks
  • This is the first fighting game i'm seriously trying to play so i had never even heard of hitstuns and blockstuns. Still getting wrecked for now but at least i kinda fight
  • Keep going! we are learning all the time, practice our deck and defensive ability.. true mastery comes with time :)
  • You can do it rolfrain, we all got bashed in the beginning.
  • thanks appreciate it. it's already a lot more fun now that i can build proper decks. i'll keep trying to improve it and learn to read the opponent
  • I have a Godly Deck, but it is only great with Khalt. I think you need to have the keen eye and dodge attacks that you know how to dodge, When I use Windfall I block the quick hitters, dodge the charged and heavy hitting moves and always end up winning.
  • This is why i love this community :)
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    Your first deck isn't completely terrible. Some of the combos strings you made are impractical.
    Chaining two str8 punches (thrusts) into a rolling punch (thrust). most players will never let you get all 3 hits. And the fact that some of the combos start with slow attacks are going to make it difficult to connect before getting hit.

    Some flaws that could help you.

    You have a lot of stationary thrusts. These are super predictable try mixing in horizontals, low and highs in a set 3-hit combos to make your moves harder to predict.

    You are starting some of your combos with charged attacks which are very easy to dodge and slow. Try ending the combo or putting them in the middle. Chances are higher connecting after they already have been hit with some attacks that build your advantage.

    Lastly since you may be somewhat of a beginner when it comes to the pvp

    You may want to try building your decks so that several combos end in the same quadrant. This will give you more control over what attack is going to come out next.

    I sometimes will specifically design a deck to always lead me to a dodge-stopping attack like a tripped kick, or other mixups to combo into a harder to dodge heavy attack or charged punch.

    I actually suggest trying the forsaken parry style. I think its a great way to learn some of the left/right attack patterns and the timing is difficult enough that I think you will be able to predict your opponent's better after some practice with it.

    Your deck is very predictable. And your putting yourself at a disadvantage with how your moves chain into one another.

    Try crafting the decks to lead you into a certain attack or lead you into the ability to switch quadrants more fluidly.
    Lastly, add more variety in each combo. (High, low, thrust, horizontal, vertical)
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